Subtitle Mysterious Happenings of Folk Spirits and Mystic Shades from the Ancient Foothills

Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description Step behind the veil of a rarely accessed culture with terrifying and mysterious ghost stories and lore as old and deeply enriched as the Appalachian Mountains themselves.

Hosts of the leading, ever-popular horror podcast network, Eeriecast, guide the reader through the winding trails and thick forests of Appalachia, encountering the ghosts, creepy creatures, paranormal sounds, and mysterious mists that cloak and roam this rarely-accessed region. With an emphasis on the rich history and deep cultural roots that haunt the folklore unique to Appalachia, Darkness Prevails and Carman Carrion illuminates the darkest and creepiest stories that have shaped a cryptic and essential aspect of Americana, including: 
  • Wampus Cat
  • The Nûñnë'hï
  • The Story of Spearfinger
  • The Ghosts of Shut-in Creek
  • The Scorched Man
  • and more that demonstrate the tapestry of cultures that make up Appalachia, including Indigenous Native American-, colonial European-, and African American-influenced lore. 

Artful illustrations of each eerie story take this compilation beyond the ordinary, bringing to life the ghosts, monsters, and cryptids of the Appalachian Trail. 
Format Paper Over Board 208 Pages
ISBN 9781577154402
Size5.51 in x 8.27 in / 139.95 mm x 210.06 mm
Published Date October 8th, 2024

Darkness Prevails is a spooky storyteller extraordinaire hailing from the Ozarks of Arkansas. When he’s not busy spinning yarns about things that go bump in the night on Eeriecast: The Horror Podcast Network or on his wildly successful YouTube channel, Darkness Prevails, he can often be found wandering through the misty woods, searching for evidence of Bigfoot (or at least an excuse to use his night-vision goggles).

Despite his fascination with the unknown, Darkness Prevails is also a devoted family man. He is the proud father of two terrors-in-training. His wife, who may or may not be a vampire, supports his creepy pursuits and even helps him research his latest hair-raising tales.

With a love for all things spooky and a knack for making even the bravest of souls quiver in their boots, Darkness Prevails is a force to be reckoned with in the horror genre. So, turn off the lights, grab a flashlight, and get ready for a frightfully good time.

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