Subtitle A Handbook of History & Lore of the Undead

Agnes Hollyhock
Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description Rediscover the precursors to and the cultural and historical ancestors of the modern-day vampire—the most powerful of all the forms taken by the undead—in this hauntingly illustrated volume.

The idea of a supernatural being with a neverending, insatiable appetite for blood or human viscera has plagued the human mind for centuries, appearing in mythology and folklore from all corners of the world. Why were people of the past so concerned with such a creature? What worries and anxieties about human nature and existence could conjure up such a monster? Those of us in the present day are no less fascinated, taking these tales and reinventing and revitalizing them to embody our fears and desires in equal turn, ensuring that these undead beings will truly live on forever.

Vampires explores the imagination, stories, and culture of these bloodthirsty creatures of the night by reintroducing the very first beliefs of vampires across a wide variety of cultures and geographic regions. Learn the history of your favorite monsters and their characteristics such as:
  • Shroud Eaters: German vampires who feed on their burial shrouds, other corpses, psychic energy, and human flesh
  • Strigoi: Medieval vampires from Slavic folklore. One story associated with them may have been the origin of vampires drinking blood from their victims' throats.
  • Jiangshi: An undead revenant from China. They are said to derive their supernatural powers from the moon, so are at their weakest during the day or on a new moon.
  • Dhampirs: Monsters, or misunderstood? The children of vampires and humans, Balkan folklore suggests that dhampirs make the ideal vampire hunters, as they can eliminate vampires with any tools at their disposal.
  • and more!

Featuring intricate illustrations, this ghoulish handbook looks back to the folklore throughout the centuries of the undead. Find the vampires you never knew existed and reveal the history of the undead.
Format Paper Over Board 176 Pages
ISBN 9781577154464
Size5.51 in x 8.27 in / 139.95 mm x 210.06 mm
Published Date August 13th, 2024
Agnes Hollyhock
Agnes Hollyhock is a lifelong Wiccan with an affinity for runes casting and tarot reading. She practices her craft in the Northeastern United States, where she lives with her beloved pet companions, cat Jack and tarantula Sally. 
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