Simon Elliott
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Description Description 'I know for sure that I have an instinct for colour, and painting is in the very marrow of my bones'

The life of Van Gogh has gone down in legend as the archetypal artist’s existence. He was irascible and short-tempered, hugely passionate and emotional, absurdly talented and, for most of his lifetime, notoriously misunderstood and under-appreciated. And yet today, we see him as one of the most inventive, influential and admired painters of the entire Western canon, if not a genius.

Taking us through his short but explosive life, this graphic novel paints a vivid picture of Van Gogh’s unusual youth, his famous early failures, his discovery of a new style of painting, his tragic suicide, and the meteoric artistic legacy that followed.

For those looking for an introduction to this incredible artist, or searching for a fresh take on his story – this is Vincent Van Gogh’s life as you’ve never seen it before.
Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott is a criminal barrister, art obsessive and standup comedian. Inspired by Hockney’s message ‘spring cannot be cancelled’, and with time to fill (thanks to Covid), Simon engrossed himself in all things Hockney, learned how to paint on an iPad and began a journey to create this colourful, joyous and thought provoking biography with a twist.
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