Subtitle A Graphic Life

Simon Elliott
Price $24.99 / £16.99
Description Description

Follow the journey of David Hockney's exceptional life in a unique graphic novel format.

From his childhood in Bradford and early years making it as an artist, to his sun-drenched Los Angeles period, his triumphal return to the UK and his recent iPad drawings that proudly exclaim that ‘spring cannot be cancelled’, this charming biography traces the captivating life and times of David Hockney. Drawn entirely on an iPad in a fun, fully illustrated style – and in homage to Hockney's own iPad drawings – this is a colourful, thought-provoking and joyous story of one of the world's best-loved artists.

Series BioGraphics
Format Hardcover Book 224 Pages
ISBN 9780711288423
Size6.69 in x 9.06 in / 170.00 mm x 230.00 mm
Published Date September 28th, 2023
Simon Elliott
Simon Elliott is a criminal barrister, art obsessive and standup comedian. Inspired by Hockney’s message ‘spring cannot be cancelled’, and with time to fill (thanks to Covid), Simon engrossed himself in all things Hockney, learned how to paint on an iPad and began a journey to create this colourful, joyous and thought provoking biography with a twist.
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