Michele Botton
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In 1962, Andy Warhol displayed 32 canvases of Campbell’s soup cans in a New York art gallery. The art world – and what we consider to be art – would never be the same again.

Follow Warhol through his upbringing in Pittsburgh, moving to New York City, finding inspiration and conquering the creative world, in this unique graphic biography.

Discover what made Warhol tick – his delights, drives and frustrations. Immerse yourself in his fascinating lifestyle within the New York scene and the incredible way that he continually evolved as an artist.

For those looking for an entertaining introduction to this giant of modern art, or for existing fans after a fresh visual take, this graphic biography reveals the real Warhol.
Michele Botton
Michele Botton is an Italian scriptwriter and author. He has published graphic novels on the lives of Charles Bukowski and Audrey Hepburn.
Marco Maraggi
Marco Maraggi is an illustrator and graphic novelist. His graphic novel on the life of Banksy (2022) has been published worldwide in 10 different languages.
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