Subtitle 50 embodied practices inspired by the major & minor arcana

Lou Thomas
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Embody and experience the wisdom of yoga and tarot, and enhance your knowledge and appreciation of both with this vibrant deck that is rich in teachings.

Yoga and tarot are two spiritual practices that have long been used to find meaning, guidance and connection in life. Learn more about the origins of yoga and tarot, and discover 50 yogic practices to help you connect with the magic of yoga and tarot through movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Over 50 cards, discover a posture, breath practice, meditation or spiritual teaching for each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards in tarot, and dive deeply into the meanings behind each tarot card within the accompanying 64-page guide book.

Including adaptations for more physical postures to make them more accessible to your body’s needs, embody tarot through cards such as:

●      The Magician: Warrior 1 Pose
●      Temperance: Alternate Nostril Breathing
●      Death: Corpse Pose
●      The World: Mountain Pose
●      Six of Wands: Yoga Squat
●      Nine and Ten of Cups: Victorious Breath
●      Five of Swords: Boat Pose and Non-Violence
●      Four, Five and Six of Pentacles: Non-Stealing and Non-Attachment
●      The Queens: Butterfly Pose

Guided by professional yoga teacher and tarot reader, Lou Thomas, discover how yoga is less of a workout and more of a work-in. 

Suitable for yoga and tarot beginners, as well as more experienced practitioners, feel your body and breath, explore your imagination and creativity, and tell your story with this deck, stunningly illustrated by Sarah Rose-Crossley.

Series Wellness Kits
Format Kit 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711294318
Size4.33 in x 5.91 in / 110.00 mm x 150.00 mm
Published Date September 26th, 2024
Lou Thomas

Lou Thomas is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and creativity facilitator who specialises in therapeutic, accessible, and trauma informed approaches. Their work sits at the intersection of wellness and social justice, where they help people connect with their bodies, themselves, and their communities. Lou’s work centres queer and trans liberation, neurodivergence, and disability. As a former student of English Literature, somatic practitioner, and someone fascinated by the magic and complexity of our internal worlds, Lou has always been drawn to the embodied storytelling and mystery of Tarot. They are a graduate, continuing education student, and ambassador for The Accessible Yoga School. Their work features internationally through Heart + Bones. They live by the sea in Brighton, UK, where they offer classes, workshops, training, and retreats.

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