Subtitle Storie Modelli e documenti/History, models and documents

Vittorio Tessera
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Description Description The fascinating story of the Milanese scooter par excellence concluded with the Lambretta DL-GP series. 

This book looks at all aspects of this special scooter: its history, its technical evolution, its sporting victories, with a specific chapter devoted to the British market, which more than any other took the DL to its heart and still today considers it to be the pinnacle of Innocenti’s production.

The last model produced by Innocenti had been developed at the famous Bertone design centre in Turin which, with a few but substantial modifications managed to breathe new life into the Lambretta, making it even more sporting and elegant, sophisticated and modern. With a curious black splash on the leg shield, the new model soon became a best-seller on the crowded international scooter market.

It enjoyed enormous success in Great Britain, being transformed into a cult object for the most sporting and demanding scooterists. More than fifty years after its launch, its styling is still modern and the model is still very popular with scooterists all over the world. 
Format Paperback + Flaps 120 Pages
ISBN 9788879118699
Size9.80 in x 10.20 in / 248.92 mm x 259.08 mm
Published Date December 20th, 2022
Vittorio Tessera
Born in 1960, Vittorio Tessera qualified as a mechanic in 1979 and opened Italy's first workshop for the restoration of classic scooters. In 1988 he founded the Italian Lambretta Club, which boasts today over 2,000 members. In 2001 he founded the Scooter & Lambretta Museum, the most important such institution in Europe. Today he actively contributes to the most important Italian motorcycle magazines. He is the author of Innocenti Lambretta: The definitive history (2012), Lambretta: Restoration Guide (2012), Lambretta: Illustrated guide to identification (2013), Lambretta LUI. History, models and documentation (2017), Lambretta TV/LI Series 1: History, models and documentation (2018), Lambretta TV/LI Scooterlinea Terza Series 3: History, models and documentation (2019), Lambretta D/LD 125/150: 1951-1958: History, models and documents (2021), Lambretta DL/GP 1651-158: History, models and documents (2022), Lambretta Junior, 50, 125, 150: History, models and documents (2023), and Lambretta 125 A-B (2024)
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