Subtitle 100 recipes with steps and tips for easy, authentic Thai food

Orathay Souksisavanh
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Description Description Immerse yourself in Thai food, and discover its exceptional flavors through 100 traditional recipes that take you to the heart of its cuisine.

Included are recipes for worldwide icons like Pad thai, Tom yum soup, Som tum (papaya salad), curries and larb salads, alongside local favorites like Pad kee mao (drunken noodles), Mok pla (steamed fish) and a range of other seafood, vegetable and meat dishes.

Learn the Thai art of folding with step-by-step instructions for classic snacks like Po pia (fried rolls) and crab bites (Hoi jo), and enjoy a variety of regional drinks and desserts including the classic sticky rice with mango.

In a fully photographed hardback featuring step-by-step photos, prizing the perfect harmony of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors, this is the perfect book to learn how to cook your favorite Thai at home
Format Hardcover Book 264 Pages
ISBN 9781761500190
Size8.07 in x 10.23 in / 204.98 mm x 259.84 mm
Published Date June 11th, 2024
Orathay Souksisavanh
Orathay Souksisavanh was born in Thailand where her great-grandmother worked in the kitchens of the Royal Palace in Bangkok. As a child she moved to Paris, France, with her parents, but never left her Thai heritage behind. After studying at Langues'O and the Sorbonne, she realised that her happiness lay in the kitchen and soon graduated from the world-renowned culinary school the Ferrandi School. Orathay has authored several books as a writer and food stylist.
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