Subtitle Record Your Observations of the Winged World

Keith Paluso III
Price $12.99 / £9.99
Description Description Practice mindfulness while recording the movements of birds through the seasons with this easy-to-use birding journal.

Transform your life by becoming a mindful birder today! Settle into your favorite chair in your backyard or discover new and thriving sanctuaries nearby as you flick through this pocket-sized birding journal. Complete with a crash course on how to be a better birder, beginner and advanced birders learn facts about 24 specific birds with tracker pages to log personal experiences. Tracker pages include:
  • Bird name, both common and scientific
  • Bird song
  • Date and location
  • Time and atmosphere
  • Observations of bird actions
  • Your own musings
  • And more!

Organized by the seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) learn how to identify the different species of birds, mating and migration habits, nesting habits, and favorite foods. Every bird you come across has a life lesson you can apply to your own life. The 24 birds mentioned comes with two prompt pages each to aid in self-discovery or to give you a place to write down your thoughts when your mind feels too full. If you're looking for a new routine to better your time and mind, try birds as a muse for a nature-filled, meaningful, and inspirational life.

Remember your birding adventures with mindful field notes pages where you can doodle your experiences, write detailed notes, and/or paste in mementos that won’t be missed. Also, to help you remember the different bird songs, included are fun phonetic spellings for each bird. On the empty observation pages, try your hand at it so the next time you hear a bird singing, you'll know which one it is.

This journal is all about taking the time to be present and in the moment; stopping to think and breathe so that you can make better decisions for you and those around you. If seeking a deeply mindful experience or a new hobby that’ll get you outside, try this birding journal and witness the beautiful world of birds today.
Format Paper Over Board 160 Pages
ISBN 9781631069505
Size4.80 in x 6.89 in / 121.92 mm x 175.01 mm
Published Date April 2nd, 2024
Keith Paluso III
Keith Paluso III is a career Park Ranger–turned-creative from Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2012, Keith began his career as a Ranger for Tennessee State Parks, where he focuses on providing environmental education to marginalized communities in poverty-stricken, rural areas.

In 2018, Keith launched a second career as a singer/songwriter after he was featured as a Top 24 contestant on NBC’s The Voice. His combined love of music and the outdoors (and bird calls, in particular) also inspired him to start teaching via social media whenever he’s on tour.

When he’s not traveling, Keith lives in the tiny town of Munford, Tennessee, with his wife, son, two dogs, a cat, and a backyard full of bird feeders and flowers.

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