Subtitle Designing, Creating, and Planting Modern Indoor Gardens

Maria Colletti
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Description Description Bring the natural world indoors! Create your own intriguing miniature garden under glass with expert advice, step-by-step photos, plant suggestions, and over 20 terrarium designs.

The art of terrarium making is back in vogue and better than ever. Growing collections of adorable miniature plants in glass vessels is a great way to bring the outdoors in and get back in touch with nature all year round—and add compelling, modern elements to your home decor. Whether you reside in a tiny apartment, spend the bulk of your hours at an office desk, or just want to be better connected to green, living things, terrariums are the ticket.

In Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass, terrarium expert and teacher Maria Colletti makes designing and caring for your very own interior gardens easy with:
  • Step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions for making over 20 of her own terrarium designs.
  • All the information you need about popular terrarium plants, such as tillandsias (air plants), orchids, mosses, cacti, succulents, and ferns.
  • Ideas and tips for choosing your glass vessels, with choices including vases, lidded jars, fish bowls, vertical planters, hanging globes, tabletop greenhouses, and more.
  • Maintenance, troubleshooting, and watering tips, including vessel-specific advice.

A wondrous combination of nature, gardening, and interior design, terrarium building and tending is both therapeutic and inspirational.

Once you know the basics (the plants, the vessels, and a basic understanding of soil, water, and humidity), you can mix and match for an endless exploration of your own creativity!
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Format Trade Paperback 176 Pages
ISBN 9781591866336
Size8.00 in x 10.00 in x 0.50 in / 203.20 mm x 254.00 mm x 12.70 mm
Published Date September 18th, 2015
Maria Colletti

Maria Colletti, author of Terrariums: Gardens under Glass and Living Decor, is a traveling workshop instructor. She currently teaches the Living Décor terrarium series at New York Botanical Garden, where she previously spent thirteen years as the Garden Shop manager. Colletti was dubbed a "terrarium savant" in an online article for Edible Manhattan, and her terrarium tips have been featured in the Washington Post.

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