Subtitle Learn to Toss, Catch, and Bounce in Just Minutes a Day - Includes: Three juggling balls and instruction book

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Juggling is FUN FOR ALL AGES—whether you’re 17 or 70! Learn the basics—plus some fancier moves—with this juggling set.
This friendly beginner’s guide to juggling teaches all the essentials, including hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. Once you’re juggling, you’ll be the life of any gathering!
Juggling set features:

  • 3 multi-colored juggling balls (pellet filled so they won’t roll away)
  • 16-page fully illustrated instruction book with step-by-step instructions

Starting with a little bit of history and a little bit of science, the instruction book then teaches basic hand-eye coordination movement with one-ball juggling. From there, it teaches the cascade, or the basic three-ball juggling pattern. With step-by-step illustrated practice, including the Scoop and Release and the Throw and Drop, you will progress from juggling 1 ball to 3 in no time.

Jugglers have been throwing and catching things throughout time. Before there were unicycling vaudevillians and medieval court jesters, there were jugglers in the ancient worlds of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China. Now you can join this international family of jugglers. Once you learn this ancient art, snowballs, produce in the grocery store, and maybe even some toys will never look the same!

Format Kit 16 Pages
ISBN 9780785842828
Size4.00 in x 6.00 in x 2.25 in / 101.60 mm x 152.40 mm x 57.15 mm
Published Date August 29th, 2023
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