Subtitle Make Your Dog a Super Dog with Step by Step Tricks and Training Tips - As Seen on America’s Got Talent!

Sara Carson
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Description Description You’ve seen them on TV, now learn from Sara and her Super Collies! Find easy-to-follow directions and photos for all the classic tricks as well as showstoppers like taking a selfie and skateboarding!

Whether you have a new puppy or have an “old dog” ready to learn some new tricks, Sara will get you and your dog working together in no time. Learn fundamentals like food and toy drive, leash walking, and crate training, as well as tips for important day-to-day bonding and behavior. Whenever you’re ready, dive into the tricks! Chapters and tricks include:

Super Simple Tricks: Sit, down, shake a paw, wave, take a bow, footsies, hand target, leg weaves, sit pretty, over arms, back up, crawl, and more.

Super Impressive Tricks: Cross paws, hide in a suitcase, turn lights on (and off), take a selfie, orbit, footstall, fake pee, limp, open (and close) a door, and more.

The Super Trick Dog: Jump rope, skateboard, hold an object, retrieve and put toys away, dance, hug, walking on hind legs, and more.

Sara also includes a home version of canine freestyle (the choreographed routines she is famous for and that you may have seen at competitions). With information for finding the right music, safely selecting costumes, and how to transition between one trick and another in a routine, you’ll have all you need to craft a fun routine of your own. It’s not only a fun way to impress the neighborhood, it’s a great way to build a deeper relationship with your dog.

Every dog has a super dog within…unleash your dog’s potential with Super Dog Tricks!
Format Trade Paperback 176 Pages
ISBN 9780760371909
Size9.00 in x 9.00 in / 228.60 mm x 228.60 mm
Published Date January 25th, 2022
Sara Carson
Sara Carson and the Super Collies have been widely featured, from appearances on America’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent The Champions to The Late Show with David Letterman and shows on Nickelodeon and The CW. They have appeared in several live productions and theaters across the country, including halftime shows at various NBA and NFL games. Sara began her career by successfully running a dog training facility in Ontario, Canada. During that time period, she worked hands on with hundreds of dogs and owners, teaching dog tricks, obedience, and various dog sport classes. Today, Sara is revered as one of the top international trick dog trainers and has received several awards showcasing her achievements over the years. Sara has enjoyed training a wide variety of animals, including cats, rats, chickens, goats, and even a wild chipmunk. In 2017, Sara partnered with Chin and Cheeks LLC to create Puppr, the number one dog training app on IOS and Android. She continues to live an adventurous life on the road, spending her days performing and teaching dog trick workshops worldwide. Sara and her Super Collies (Hero, Marvel, Groot, Hawkeye, and Fury) can be found online at
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