Subtitle Use Your Unique Energy Type to Manifest the Life You Were Born For

Shayna Cornelius, Dana Stiles
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Description Description Find your unique energy type and harness it for success and fulfillment with Your Human Design

Wondering what your life purpose is? What you are here to do? How to work, play, and relate to others with maximum ease? It is all in your Human Design!

Human Design is a revolutionary system for self-understanding comprising wisdom from Western astrology, the chakra system, I Ching, the Kabbalah tree of life, and facets of modern quantum mechanics, biochemistry, and astronomy. This incredibly powerful modality reveals with great specificity how each human being has different natural talents, a unique life purpose, and a specific mode of operating that aligns them to their true nature. It also provides you with practical strategies for navigating your unique life path with authenticity, ease, and success.

Written by the creators of the popular DayLuna Human Design Podcast, this guide presents Human Design in an engaging and accessible way that enables you to use and live this life-changing system.

What is your energetic design?
  • Are you a Manifestor? You are an extremely independent design. You are here to do what you want, when you want, because you want to!
  • Are you a Generator? You do best when you tune out the noise and respond to your gut instincts.
  • Are you a Manifesting Generator? You find you easily magnetize things when you respond to what excites you.
  • Are you a Projector? Forget hustle and grind. You are here to contribute your startling insights, not slog through a conventional 40-hour work week.
  • Are you a Reflector? You have a seemingly unlimited number of interests, feelings, and qualities. You are here to experience as much as possible. 

Tap into the highest version of yourself and live your Human Design!
Format Trade Paperback 176 Pages
ISBN 9780760379141
Size6.69 in x 8.86 in / 169.93 mm x 225.04 mm
Published Date January 10th, 2023
Shayna Cornelius

Dana Stiles and Shayna Cornelius are Human Design specialists, spiritual teachers, and the podcast hosts behind the DayLuna™ Human Design Podcast. As co-founders and owners of their company, they are on a mission to empower the collective toward self-love, personal freedom, and radical authenticity. Through DayLuna™, they have worked with more than 1,000 clients and have trained many to become readers themselves. The pair feel passionately called to help spread the complex and life-changing science of Human Design to a wider community in a grounded and approachable way. Dana and Shayna also share their knowledge by deep diving into topics such as spirituality, parenting, and the new paradigm as the co-hosts of the DayLuna™ Human Design Podcast, a show created to teach about Human Design and help empower others to dive into their own personal power through self-awareness.

When they aren’t working, Shayna enjoys traveling in her Airstream and going to the beach with her dogs, while Dana enjoys snowboarding, painting, and practicing Kundalini. The pair are both currently living and thriving in California, while working on several large new offerings to continue empowering others toward their highest potential.

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