Subtitle Have you got what it takes to be a spy?

Price $12.99 / £9.99
Description Description Do you have what it takes to become a spy?

Every year, security agencies like MI5, MI6 and GCHQ recruit spies from all walks of life, selecting the most remarkable individuals to join their ranks.

In the past, these secret services have recruited by tapping unsuspecting civilians on the shoulder, inviting them into the world of espionage. However, in recent decades, they’ve started using more unconventional methods…

Pass this fun spy test to find out if you would qualify as a data analyst, support specialist or field agent. This cryptic collection includes:
  • Newspaper and magazine ads to test your quick wit and creativity
  • Logic and visual spy puzzles
  • Word puzzles featuring the names of famous spies
  • Mole-finding logic puzzles
  • Code-breaking challenges and observation tests

What location would you choose for a dead-drop? Who is secretly armed? Where would you place surveillance devices? What would you do if discovered or caught? This intriguing puzzle book keeps readers covertly decoding for hours. The perfect gift for anyone interested in the mysterious world of espionage.
Series The Escapist's Library Series
Format Trade Paperback 256 Pages
ISBN 9780711298200
Size5.08 in x 7.80 in / 129.00 mm x 198.00 mm
Published Date September 12th, 2024
Joel Jessup has worked on several bestselling puzzle and quiz books, both as an author and as a checker. He also has 20 years’ experience writing for television and film, and has written an award-winning short film that is currently being developed into a television series.
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