Roland Hall
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Description Description Bustle through Panama City, trek up and down Delphi and dart across Quebec.

Would you win in a frenetic race across the world? This is an action-packed puzzle book that challenges you to travel the world using only your wits and travel knowledge. It’s a fast-paced journey that immerses you in the thrilling adventure show, traversing continents and navigating obstacles.
  • Embark on an extraordinary expedition
Become part of the adventure in this exciting story-led quiz book that mirrors the peaks and valleys of the first three series.
  • Follow the well-trodden paths
Travel from London to Singapore, Mexico City to Ushuaia, and Vancouver to St. John’s, discovering the trails walked by the bold explorers on the show.
  • Challenge yourself with a range of difficulties
From easy brainteasers to more complex challenges, no stone is left unturned, echoing the diverse terrains across countries.
  • Test your global knowledge
How much did you learn from the show? Grapple with questions on the landmarks, architecture and fascinating cultures explored by the contestants.

So grab your backpack, fasten your hiking boots, leave your phone at home, and get ready to race across the world!
Format Flexi-Bind 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711298255
Size8.82 in x 6.46 in / 224.00 mm x 164.00 mm
Published Date October 24th, 2024
Roland Hall
Roland Hall has worked as a Commissioning Editor of puzzle books for a number of years. He was responsible for book publishing with many best-selling puzzle brands, including Mensa, The Puzzler and Take A Break, and devised a number of highly popular themed puzzle books and packs on subjects as diverse as Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Pride and Prejudice and Dante's Inferno. He has written and contributed to many quiz and puzzle books, including Anagram Challenge, and Wordle Challenge for Kids.
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