Subtitle 50 breathwork meditations for mind, body & self

Rebecca Moore
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Reap the mental and physical benefits of breathwork with this essential toolkit, complete with 50 vibrantly illustrated breath-exercise cards and a 64-page guidebook.

Breath Practice Cards provide an uplifting, screen-free introduction to breathwork with simple and easy-to-follow exercises and meditations beautifully and accessibly presented on individual cards. In the accompanying book, explore the origins, science and benefits of this age-old method made popular by Wim Hof and find simple sequences to create your own mindful breathwork practice.

Each card, gorgeously illustrated with inspiring and inclusive artworks from @madebyralu, includes directions of how to practice a specific technique. The cards include exercises to:

  • Focus, including grounding and re-centering Humming Bee Breath and Box Breathing
  • Relax, including calming and restorative Hugging Break and Lunar Breathing
  • Elevate, including energising and uplifting Sunshine Breath and Heart-Smiling Breath
  • Release, including cleansing and clearing Roaring Lion’s Breath and Open Ocean Breath
  • Connect, including harmonising and meditative Gratitude Breath and Chakra Balancing Breath

Pick a card when you wake up to energise or before you go to bed to unwind, or just throughout your day when you need a mindful moment.

This set is a must-have resource for modern well-being.

Series Wellness Kits
Format Kit 64 Pages
ISBN 9780711287389
Size4.33 in x 5.91 in / 110.00 mm x 150.00 mm
Published Date September 14th, 2023
Rebecca Moore

Rebecca is a contemporary wellness guide, author, and yogini, devoted to empowering individuals through self-healing tools and fostering deeper connections with themselves and others. Drawing inspiration from ancient healing practices, she translates them into practical support for modern city living. Born and raised in London, Rebecca holds certifications in a range of alternative therapies, including yoga, breathwork, energy healing, bodywork, and aromatherapy. By integrating these modalities, she cultivates transformative spaces that encourage exploration, expression, and personal growth. Learn more about Rebecca at her website,, and on Instagram @__rebecca__moore.

Raluca Spatacean
Raluca Maria Spataean aka @madebyralu is a Romanian illustrator who is inspired by the balancing elements of wellbeing and the natural world. In 2013 she decided to follow her intuition and creative instincts to travel the world – living in Italy, Spain, Romania, Ireland and England - and experience living life with freedom and joy. In 2020 and throughout the global pandemic, she put pen to paper and discovered the joy of digital illustration which she started to share with the world on Instagram, and soon found a dedicated community of followers soothed by her calming, positive artworks and writings.
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