Subtitle Bloom Gardener's Guide: Feed the ground, sow seed, care for the crops, gather, pick and feast

Vicky Chown
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Description Description A beautiful, stylish and comprehensive handbook from the Bloom Gardener's Guides series, covering everything you need to know to grow your own food.

Growing your own food is a way to feed your body as well as your soul. Approached in a sustainable way, it can also nurture the land and provide for wildlife. You don’t need an enormous garden, an allotment or a fancy greenhouse to do it. Edible Garden is as much about planting food in your garden borders and sowing crops in pots, as it is about raised beds or kitchen gardens. It’s packed with professional advice, a selection of the best edible plants to grow and tips on getting the most from your space.

Written by Vicky Chown, a professional forager who teaches urban food growing, it includes a selection of the best edible plants to grow, including:
  • Broad beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Peas
  • Basil
  • Carrots
  • Aubergines

Discover how best to feed, fertilise and fend off pests, to grow the healthiest and tastiest produce possible. There are also plenty of tips on getting the most from your space – you can do just as well with raised beds, kitchen gardens and crops in pots. It’s perfect for both those with large green gardens as well as city-dwellers with balconies, allotments and courtyards. Learn how to grow a wide variety of edible plants, anywhere you like!

This title is from the Bloom Gardener’s Guide series, complete and comprehensive gardening handbooks. Bloom is an award-winning independent print magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers and outdoor adventurers, and winner of the Garden Publication of the Year at the Garden Media Awards 2021. Other titles in this series include Cut Flowers, Shade and Pots.
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Series Bloom
Format Paperback + Flaps 160 Pages
ISBN 9780711281370
Size5.47 in x 7.80 in / 139.00 mm x 198.00 mm
Published Date April 4th, 2024
Vicky Chown
Vicky Chown is a gardener and forager. She teaches permaculture and urban food growing in London’s Queen’s Wood Community Garden and OmVed Gardens, where she also co-manages the Seed Saving Network, a community saving biodiverse seed across the UK. Vicky additionally practises as a medical herbalist and co-runs the Handmade Apothecary, a foraging and herbal educational project.
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