Subtitle An inspirational guide to living and travelling on four wheels

Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara
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Road Life introduces you to 35 inspirational people from across the globe who’ve made their vans, campers and buses part of their lifestyle, and provides you with the tools to do the same.

What’s the appeal of a life on the road, with everything you need contained on four wheels? Tried it yourself and felt inadequate and underprepared? Or feel daunted by converting a vehicle yourself? The campers in this book can show you how to roll up in style.

From expert craftsmen who’ve converted entire buses from scratch, to low-key explorers who’ve perfected the art of budget travel; solo travellers living and working on the road, to families who sold up everything for a life of touring – for these aficionados, life on the road is pure pleasure, a way to connect with nature, an antidote to modern life. And, unlike most of us, they know how to do it properly.

Supported by Instagram-worthy photography, Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara interviews each contributor to bring out their unique and inspirational approach to life and travel, their most memorable experiences (and challenges) and the tips and gadgets they couldn’t live without.

The book also provides advice to achieve the ‘road life’ yourself and suggests worldwide destinations that provide a similar setting, giving you the inspiration and tools to plan your next trip. 

With enviable campervan setups, stories that will give you wanderlust, stunning locations and top advice from the expertsRoad Life is the perfect companion and guide for any wannabe van owner.

Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711269163
Size6.73 in x 8.82 in / 171.00 mm x 224.00 mm
Published Date September 6th, 2022
Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara
Sebastian Antonio Santabarbara is a writer and expert in all things vanlife and alternative living. As well as documenting his own journeys via @vincentvanlife, Sebastian writes for popular media platforms such as Van Clan, Tiny Home Hub and Retro Dodo, as well as curating the upcoming Van Life for Dummies book releasing worldwide in 2022.
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