Subtitle Small steps and brave choices for a life less distracted

Jodi Wilson
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Description Description I'm not here to nag you and tell you that you need to live with less stuff. Nor will I tell you that owning less is a sure and certain path to happiness. But let me tell you what it's like to carry all you own with you … to reduce your consumption and increase your free time and to realise that everything you need in life can fit in a caravan along with those you love most …
- from Chapter 7

It is natural to fear uncertainty. But what if you embraced it, listened to your intuition and made the tiny or big decisions to slow life right down? What if you had more space in your life for connection to nature and those around you? What if you stepped off the treadmill and forged a new path?

In Practising Simplicity, author and photographer Jodi Wilson shines a light on all the best things in life that don't cost money and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle, whatever your circumstances. For her, the simplicity of living in a tiny home on wheels was at first terrifying but ultimately the essential answer to anxiety and overwhelm.

A beautiful, unflinching encouragement to let go of the unnecessary, Practising Simplicity inspires us to celebrate the simple yet extraordinary joys that make life meaningful.
Format Hardcover Book 256 Pages
ISBN 9781911668411
Size5.90 in x 7.48 in / 149.86 mm x 189.99 mm
Published Date April 19th, 2022
Jodi Wilson
Jodi Wilson is a mother of four, yoga teacher specialising in antenatal yoga and birth workshops, a copywriter and a photographer. She has been blogging since 2008 and has documented her ordinary life throughout that time. Two years ago with her fourth child in arms, she and her husband packed up their family life, cashed in their life's savings and bought a campervan to escape the rat race. Jodi has shared their simple life through Instagram account @practisingsimplicity, which seeks to encourage readers to ground themselves in nature, creativity, joyous rituals and to realise that ordinary life can be extraordinary.
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