Subtitle A Century of History The Official Book

Luca Dal Monte, Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Cesare De Agostini, Gianni Cancellieri
Description Description

Meant to commemorate 100 years of Maserati, this work covers the history of the marque in all its aspects and is divided into three large sections. The first, signed by Luca Dal Monte, deals with the company history and the marque's industrial matters: from the early years, when production was concentrated on racing cars, to the advent of the first GT of the immediate post-war period through to the great classics of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The "Road cars and design" section by Lorenzo Ramaciotti, is specifically devoted to the Trident's road cars: from the A6 1500 to current production models, including the extraordinary expressions of design offered by models like the 3500 and 5000 GT, the various Quattroportes, the Mistral, Ghibli, Indy to then approach the present day, touching on the 3200 GT and the current Quattroporte, Granturismo and GranCabrio. Historic and modern pictures illustrate each of these models in a long photographic treatise, preceded by an introductory section which focuses on the historic matters associated with this vein of Maserati production. The last section written by Cesare De Agostini and Gianni Cancellieri is about races: from the outset Maserati's history has mainly been one of racing, from the pioneering era to the glorious Fifties, as much in Formula 1 with the 1957 world championship won by Juan Manuel Fangio, as endurance races, Maserati has expressed itself with success at the top levels of the sport. But even before that, the glorious marque had written unforgettable pages in the annals of racing, including victories at Indianapolis in 1939 and 1940. The recent success of the MC12 is the latest chapter in this proud history of achievement. There are also specific boxes in this section devoted to particular competitive aspects, such as the great road speed records (1926-1952) and the company's long experience in speedboat racing.

Royal Automobile Club shortlist of contenders for Motoring Book of the Year!

Format Hardcover Book 320 Pages
ISBN 9788879115735
Size10.40 in x 11.60 in x 1.50 in / 264.16 mm x 294.64 mm x 38.10 mm
Published Date March 1st, 2014
Luca Dal Monte

Luca Dal Monte was born in Cremona in 1963. His books have been translated and read throughout the world. In its first Italian edition (entitled Ferrari Rex), Enzo Ferrari. The Definitive Biography, won the Selezione Bancarella Sport Prize and was a finalist for the “Motoring Book of the Year Award” promoted by the British Royal Automobile Club. The New York Times has recommended it as “the definitive biography of one of the giants of the automotive world”. He is the author of numerous and successful non-fiction works including La Congiura degli Innocenti, published by Giorgio Nada Editore, a book examining the complex relationship between Bernie Ecclestone and Alfa Romeo in the second half of the 1970s. With regard to his fiction writing, he had also published a novel entitled La Scuderia and a collection of short stories, Belli e dannati. Vivere e morire nella Formula 1 degli anni 70. He was head of communications for Ferrari in the United States and Canada and for Maserati S.p.A Italia. He lives between Cremona, Milan and the United States. 

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