Subtitle Say goodbye to negative thoughts, stress, insomnia, weight issues and more

Mark Stephens
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Description Description Ditch negative thoughts, smash procrastination, break bad habits, stress less, sleep well, live pain-free, overcome weight issues, fix your phobias and ease anxiety with Mind Free.

Mark Stephens has worked with thousands of people struggling to overcome life's biggest challenges. In this life-changing book he shares his proven formula of meditation and mindful self-hypnosis developed over decades spent improving the lives of others.

Mind Free includes empowering self-hypnosis scripts and meditations, key lessons, hypnotic affirmations and inspiring case studies of real people who have used these techniques to achieve amazing results. You'll discover the '21 States' - the powerful positive states we all need in our lives - and learn how to overcome whatever is stopping you reaching your full potential. This ground-breaking guide will help you to use the power of your mind to transform your life.
Format Trade Paperback 320 Pages
ISBN 9781922616111
Size6.02 in x 9.21 in / 152.91 mm x 233.93 mm
Published Date October 25th, 2022
Mark Stephens
From the age of eight, Mark Stephens began learning yoga breathing and meditation to help counter the effects of chronic asthma. Trained by traditional Japanese masters, Tibetan monks and Chinese teachers, he is a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, jujutsu black belt and tai chi teacher and is dedicated to sharing his many years of experience with meditation and self-hypnosis to improve the lives of others. In a career spanning several decades, Mark has transformed many lives. He's worked with a world number one tennis player and elite sporting teams to turn around bad seasons and with war survivors, CEOs and thousands of everyday people. Mark created the ground-breaking Think Slim, Think Calm, Think Sleep and Think Quit programs and the Mind Free app (mindfreeapp.com). When he is not running sessions at his Little Forest Health Retreat, he is a regular guest media expert and conference keynote speaker.
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