Subtitle Life Lessons from the Ocean

Holly Daniels Christensen
Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description

Happiness Comes in Waves provides life lessons filled with inspiring stories and quotations from ocean advocates—illustrated with gorgeous photographs of the ocean, shorelines, and beaches.

Rise like a wave and live a life full of happiness!

Above all, the ocean teaches us this: we are all connected. Everything we do echoes into the universe and even the smallest changes can build into positive life momentum. Life is like the sea—it moves us, shapes us, supports us, and awakens us to new shores. And ultimately, life teaches us to be like water ourselves—strong yet calm, steady yet yielding, subtle yet beautiful.

Each chapter is dedicated to a theme of life lessons to inspire you to live your most fulfilling life. With chapters on being free, courageous, purposeful, peaceful, and harmonious, you’ll have words of wisdom to carry with you everywhere you go.

Learn to move like the ocean with uplifting sand stories from beaches around the world meant to motivate you for your next great adventure. Splash your way through each page as you learn about sand textures from Dune Jewelry’s one-of-a kind Sand Bank. This amazing nightstand book also includes an index, so you’ll be able to identify where each featured sand texture comes from.

Happiness Comes in Waves is an ideal gift book for water lovers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike who want to brave new shores with a life full of intention and courage.

Format Paper Over Board 208 Pages
ISBN 9781631067761
Size7.00 in x 7.00 in / 177.80 mm x 177.80 mm
Published Date May 10th, 2022
Holly Daniels Christensen
Holly Daniels Christensen is a mom, travel lover, and kitchen table entrepreneur who has propelled her business, Dune Jewelry & Co., from a passion project to a worldwide brand over the past eleven years. Holly is unafraid of hard work and possesses an inspirational “never say never” attitude. She is a talented designer focused on capturing memories to create tangible reminders of life’s most cherished moments, which symbolizes Dune’s line of handcrafted Experiential Jewelry.® As the recipient of many awards, she is a self- proclaimed “work in progress” and credits the healing power of the ocean for much of her evolution from high school dropout to well-respected and successful CEO. An advocate for giving back to the community, Holly is proud to spearhead many fundraisers each year for nonprofit organizations. She lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband Eric, two young daughters Lexa and Lyla, and their trusty rescue pup, Earle. To connect with Holly, check out her website at www.dunejewelry.com or her Instagram @holly_daniels_christensen and @dunejewelry.
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