Subtitle An A-Z of Adolescence from Argumentative to Zits

Sarah Macdonald, Cathy Wilcox
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So, you're having a teenager? Congratulations/Commiserations. Worried about drugs? We recommend Valium, wine and HRT. Happy you survived the toddler tantrums? Let us introduce you to the eye roll, the cold shoulder and the incoherent mumble. On the bright side, you've reduced your need for Google; your adolescent is now able to frequently correct, hector and lecture you with their strong opinion on everything. And if you feel tired, you're not imagining it. Teen years are like dog years, for every year your teen ages, you age seven. You need a survival guide for the testing times ahead.

This is the first generation parenting through social media. Parenting tactics must change. So … You’re Having a Teenager provides tips from two parents living through these changing times. Friends, next-door neighbours and fellow mums of teens Sarah Macdonald and Cathy Wilcox have seen it all and produced this straight talking, not entirely sarcastic, informative guide to what for many parents are the most challenging years in the role. From A is for Argumentative, Awkward and Angst, to Z is for Zits and Zzzzzs.
There is no need to grin and bear it, just let it out. Raising a teenager is difficult. This is the perfect book to get you over the hump. You don’t need to do it alone. So … You’re Having a Teenager is here to help you get through the trials of raising teens. Because having a toddler is a doddle...
Format Trade Paperback 240 Pages
ISBN 9781911632610
Size5.43 in x 8.18 in / 137.92 mm x 207.77 mm
Published Date October 27th, 2020
Sarah Macdonald
Sarah Macdonald is an ABC journalist and radio presenter, and author of the international bestseller Holy Cow. Many women in their 40s and 50s came of age listening to her host the Morning Show on Triple J. Sarah co-hosts the storytelling event and comedy podcast The Full Catastrophe with Rebecca Huntley. She has two terrific teens who would say this book is "fully sick," but they refuse to read it.
Cathy Wilcox
Cathy Wilcox is a cartoonist for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, for which she has drawn since 1989, as well as illustrator of numerous children's books. She has collected three Walkley Awards and some Children's Book Council commendations for her work along the way. She is the mother of two children who have almost made it through the teenage years, and one eternally childlike dog.
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