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David Knowles
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By the mid 1970s the two popular sports cars produced by the new British Leyland were showing their age.  What the company needed was a smart, modern sports car.  The TR7, designed to replace both the MGB and the Triumph TR6, was the result.  Its wedge-shaped design was modern enough but much of the rest of the car was, for some, disappointingly conventional and press reaction was not universally warm.  Initially available as a two-seat coupe, the car went on sale in Britain in 1974. David Knowles unravels the history of the car's design and production, and the chaos that was caused by British Leyland's notorious strikes and labour problems.  He also delves deep into the competition history of the car.  Including the later TR7 drophead, and the V8-powered TR8, this book is the last word on the car that is probably more popular today than at any time since it ceased production in 1981.
Format Hardcover Book 256 Pages
ISBN 9781861268914
Size7.75 in x 10.00 in x 0.83 in / 196.85 mm x 254.00 mm x 21.08 mm
Published Date May 15th, 2008
David Knowles
David Knowles has become synonymous with MG history, especially the post-war story. Although by profession he is a Chartered Civil Engineer, he has been writing, principally about MG and Triumph sports cars, for over thirty years, and is always looking for fresh nuggets to share with fellow enthusiasts.
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