Frederick Wilkinson
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Films and television programs have made the public much more familiar with the handgun as it features in many dramas and thrillers, but unfortunately this exposure has led to many misconceptions about the uses and capabilities of such weapons.  This book offers a more measured and realistic assessment of its virtues and faults. Tracing the history of the handgun from its appearance in the 14th century as a slow, clumsy inaccurate weapon up to the present day, when it can discharge twenty or more shots a second with great accuracy and power, Frederick Wilkinson studies the handgun's technical development, how it was used, the emergence of collectors, and explores associated topics such as holsters and ammunition.  He looks at how the authorities have struggled to find a balance between those who wish to own a handgun and use it for sport and those who see any gun as a dangerous threat to the public that should be outlawed.

Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9781847972255
Size6.70 in x 9.50 in x 0.63 in / 170.18 mm x 241.30 mm x 16.00 mm
Published Date February 15th, 2011
Frederick Wilkinson
Frederick Wilkinson has had a life-long interest in arms and armor. He served in the RAF and the Metropolitan Special Constabulary and has worked for Sothebys, the Royal Armories and the Imperial War Museum. He is past President and current Vice President of the Arms and Armor Society, Vice President and Fellow of the Historical Breechloading Small Arms Association and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. He is an Associate of the Royal Historical Society and has lectured to various groups on firearms and concealed weapons. Up until 1997 he was an active shooter, and he is the author of many books and articles on arms and firearms.
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