Subtitle ... with dog-friendly pubs nearby!

Anna Chelminka
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Description Description This unique book combines the joys of camping with the delights of walking with your dog.

Find information on a variety of campsites, all of which welcome dogs, with some providing special facilities for your companion. All the featured campsites are located very close to footpaths and walking trails, and are also close to a pub.

In addition to identifying the distinctive characteristics of the area, there are detailed instructions for two walks of varying lengths from each campsite. This provides the opportunity to explore the area in the immediate vicinity of the campsite, and appreciate the diverse environments to be found in Britain. Then, to round off the day, you can enjoy a drink and meal in a convivial atmosphere at the nearby pub.

So, if you like camping and you love taking along your dog, but do not know where to go, this book will help you find the place for a weekend jaunt, to explore a region, or to even tour the UK.
Format Trade Paperback 248 Pages
ISBN 9781787117211
Size5.98 in x 8.85 in / 151.89 mm x 224.79 mm
Published Date June 14th, 2022
Anna Chelminka
When Anna Chelminka retired after 30 years of teaching, and with her children now grown, she was able to pursue various diverse interests. She raised the profile of netball, securing a weekly column reporting on league matches, and so honing her writing and photographic skills. Her dog Ruby was a significant influence, and together they traveled around the UK and Europe in her motorhome. She quickly discovered little information was available about camping with dogs. She began writing articles accompanied by photographs to submit to magazines, and several were published. Upon Ruby's demise, Anna wrote her book My Friend Ruby chronicling their time together. With Amber, Ruby's daughter, and then Pearl, Ruby's great granddaughter, Anna continued travelling in her motorhome. In 2016, a series of her articles, entitled Wonderful Walks, about walks from campsites, were published in Motorhome Monthly Magazine (MMM).
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