Subtitle A Manual for Home Smoking

James Strawbridge
Price $29.95
Description Description
The Smoked Food will take you through every stage of every kind of smoking adventure, whether it’s building a smoke house in the garden or cold smoking a dish of butter on your stove top or a cocktail in the dining room. Each method of smoking is explained, including the home smokers available on the market, together with ideas and tips for the kind of food that best suits which one, and the fuel, scents and woods that can be used. There are tempting recipes for all kinds of food, including:
  • Hot-smoked crab
  • Fennel-smoked salmon
  • Texas-style brisket
  • Chipotle chilli chicken
  • Honey-glazed smoked halibut
  • Whiskey-marinated ribs
  • Earl-Grey scented trout.
There are also chapters extending the art of smoke to vegetables, fruit, nuts and even oil and butter, with tempting and delicious recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Format Hardcover Book 168 Pages
ISBN 9781785212178
Size8.50 in x 11.00 in / 215.90 mm x 279.40 mm
Published Date March 26th, 2019
James Strawbridge
James Strawbridge runs his own food business and is Executive Chef of Havener’s Bar & Grill in Fowey. He has previously published highly a successful series of cookbooks with Octopus, Made at Home, which includes a book on smoking. He also works as a development chef and runs pop up restaurants around a BBQ Smokehouse theme, was executive head chef for a spell with a menu focusing on smoked food, has done lots of outdoor cookery for TV and events, plus some time developing recipes for the largest UK charcoal producer.
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