Subtitle A Guide to Working with 100 Divine Beings in Your Daily Life

Susan Gregg, Audra Auclair
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Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses is a lavishly illustrated guide to 100 celestial helpers who are ready to provide guidance—all you need to do is ask.

Celestial helpers surround us in abundance, simply awaiting our call. Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses is a lively reference to who’s who in the celestial realms. Featuring 100 divinities from spiritual traditions both current and ancient, this guide shows you how to call upon divine help in all areas of your life, from relationships, to career and money, to home and family. 

Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses offers an overview of each deity, their purpose, and how you can call upon them for assistance. Need protection? Call upon Archangel Michael. To find your true soul mate, open your heart to the Hindu god, Krishna. Want assistance with healing or communicating with animals? Invoke Saint Francis. Is your life in need of excitement? Call upon Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele to stoke your passion and inner fire! 

Beautifully illustrated in full color, Angels, Spirit Guides & Goddesses helps you to easily connect with the essence of each guide and call upon them for magical help and support.
Format Paper Over Board 224 Pages
ISBN 9781592338511
Size5.00 in x 8.00 in / 127.00 mm x 203.20 mm
Published Date October 2nd, 2018
Susan Gregg
Susan Gregg is the author of six books, including The Toltec Way and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Meditations. Her podcast, "Food for the Soul," has earned a loyal following of thousands of listeners. She teaches Internet-based classes, as well as teleclasses, and was a speaker at The Whole Life Expos in LA and Boston. She also teaches classes at The Learning Annex, First Class in Washington, DC, The Boston Learning Society, and the Discovery Center in Chicago.
Audra Auclair
Audra Auclair is a Canadian artist based on the West Coast whose work spans many mediums. Auclair's work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Although her background is in graphic design, she specializes in exploring the surreal and the human form with her transcendent fusion of fine art and illustration. Her art brings awareness to current issues through a  stylistic blend of pop art and fantasy. Audra also runs an online shop where she sells pins, shirts, prints and various other products featuring her artwork. In her spare time she live streams her art process on Twitch and also makes YouTube videos that focus on art, mentality, and life.
Audra is developing a sci-fantasy comic series with her partner, Lopi. The first prequel book Chiara will be released in 2019, with the series Nen following close behind.
For more of Audra's work and links to social media go to
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