Subtitle From hot starters to dangerous desserts (all variations and flavours)

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The Men’'s Cooking Manual will appeal to all blokes who want to cook for themselves, or their friends and family. Full of sensible advice techniques, it’s about teaching people how to cook absolutely anything, rather than just a set of pre-determined dishes. It shows the short-cuts and straightforward skills that will make cooking a simple, enjoyable activity instead of a terrifying mystery. Written in a foolproof, clear way, it will give even the most fumble-fingered man a chance of producing tasty, healthy food.

"If your man has trouble telling the difference between olive oil and Castrol GTX, this is the book for him!" - Cook With Us

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Format Hardcover Book 176 Pages
ISBN 9780857338419
Size8.26 in x 10.64 in x 0.75 in / 209.80 mm x 270.26 mm x 19.05 mm
Published Date April 15th, 2016

Vehicles may have changed beyond recognition since the first manual was created in the mid-1960s, but the same painstakingly detailed approach to producing accurate and trustworthy repair advice has not. Each car, truck and motorcycle is stripped down and rebuilt, capturing every important step-by-step task along the way. Haynes Manuals provides DIY friendly techniques repair solutions for millions of people to safely and successfully maintain and repair their vehicle.

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