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Immerse yourself in the intrigue and elegance of the Victorian era with this treasure trove of ephemera—with 500+ stickers, 50+ activity and coloring pages, and calling cards with envelopes.

Whether you’re a sticker lover, scrapbooker, crafter, colorer, or letter writer, you’re sure to find something unique in Antiquities Sticker, Color & Activity Book. The Victorian era of the 19th century was known for many things. It brought us the telephone and telegraph, photographs and electricity, Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens, postage stamps and the Industrial Revolution. But it also ushered in a period of imperialism, the dawn of the suffragist movement, and a greater leisure class. Named after Queen Victoria, elements of the Victorian era were seen across Europe—and "across the pond” in the United States.

Along with the growing leisure class came a rise in activities such as novel reading, parlor games, and puzzles. Now you, too, can partake in leisurely pastimes with this activity book’s:

  • Exquisitely illustrated stickers, with subjects ranging from birds, animals, and plants to clothes, ornate furnishings, and objets d’art. Use them to decorate envelopes, gift wrap, letters, scrapbooks, photo albums, or the enclosed Victorian calling cards and envelopes that you can personalize. On the backs of the sticker pages are quotations from notable Victorians.
  • Calling cards and easy-to-assemble envelopes. Similar to today’s business cards, calling (or, visiting) cards were carried by well-heeled people in the 18th and 19th centuries to present themselves to others or to leave behind when calling on someone. The cards could also be enclosed with a gift. Create your own by filling in your name, coloring in the designs, and adding stickers.
  • Enchanting coloring pages, featuring line-drawn images of foxes, deer, and rabbits; swans, butterflies, and bees; and fruit, leaves, and summer bouquets. Each full-page design has a meditative pattern on the back that you can color in any way you like, regardless of your artistic abilities. You can even adorn your finished works of art with the stickers.
  • Words games and activities, such as mazes, connect-the-dots, trivia, matching, Victorian name generator, and more!
  • Period-specific pastimes, with instructions on how to read tea leaves and palms, press flowers, and create inkblot poetry.

With beautiful foil accents on the cover, so many pages to look at, so many things to do, and so much joy to be had in these pages, Antiquities Sticker, Color & Activity Book is the perfect book to have on hand when a free moment strikes. It’s also a darling gift for anyone who enjoys stickers, coloring, word games, and plain old fun.

Format Hardcover Book 192 Pages
ISBN 9780785844075
Size5.90 in x 7.87 in / 149.86 mm x 200.00 mm
Published Date March 12th, 2024
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