Subtitle Embrace the Earthy, the Rustic, and the Romantic Side of Nature – More Than 100 Pages to Color

Price $10.99 / £7.99
Description Description Embrace the earthy, the rustic, and the romantic side of nature with Forestcore Coloring Book.

Let the busy world drop away. Enter the enchanted woods, where dappled light softly illuminates the ferns, mushrooms, and tiny creatures on the forest floor. This magical world is here for you to color, inviting you to discover the beauty of wild flora and fauna.

Dreaming about escaping into an magical forest? Forestcore Coloring Book takes you there. Inspired by the trend that’s popular in interior design, fashion, and art, the forestcore aesthetic celebrates a simple, organic way of life. Designed to help you get coloring, but also to help you to explore your creative side, Forestcore Coloring Book offers:
  • More than 100 beautiful coloring templates
  • Striking line-drawn art 
  • An intricate pattern to color on the back of each page
  • Quality paper suitable for framing

Whether you use pencils, crayons, or gel pens, these templates are here to inspire your creativity. Earthy browns, cool greens, soft rust and red—the colors of the forest will come alive as you fill them in. Your pulse slows and your imagination takes flight as you disappear into the magic of nature.

You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy coloring. It’s a meditative, creative practice that has so many benefits, allowing you to unwind and flex your creative muscles.

Take a mini-break and start down the path to the lush, vivid world of forestcore!

Chartwell Coloring Books is the ultimate coloring book series, encompassing designs of every kind. From intriguing abstract patterns to beautiful pictures from the natural, technological, and fantasy worlds, each of these coloring books will soothe the mind and inspire the inner creative in anyone. With so many variations of complex, beautiful designs in each book, you’ll have plenty of pages to bring to life. Whether young or old, creative or not, this series has something for you.
Publishing and supplying books to wholesalers, mail order companies, and retail stores for over 60 years, Chartwell Books publishes across a wide range of subjects, including history, craft, home reference, puzzles and games, music, art instruction, transportation, and more.
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