Subtitle An illustrated guide to the equine world

Gary Mullen
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For lovers of horses and trivia alike, this colorful book is packed with over 400 fascinating facts, from physical characteristics and folklore to safety tips and horse-care musts.

Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia features information from all areas of the equine world—from the pages of science journals to the ringside of a rodeo. The book also includes practical advice on riding and showing horses, and encourages appreciation and respect for these most magnificent beasts.

With beautiful photographs and illustrations showcasing the different breeds, colors, and features of each horse, the covered topics include:

  • The differences and similarities between members of the equine family, from wild horses to domesticated, from thoroughbreds to ponies
  • Colors and markings, including dapples, stripes, and Palominos
  • The legs, feet, eyes, teeth, and hair of horses, discussed at length with tips on how to care for each part of a horse’s body
  • Tips for riders and owners on the care and feeding of their horses
  • The tack and attire necessary for riders to be comfortable and safe atop a steed

Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia should serve as a valuable resource for those who are new to the world of horses, as well as professional horsemen who want an educational tool for their clients and perhaps themselves. 

Format Spiral Bound 0 Page
ISBN 9780785840718
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Published Date March 15th, 2022
Gary Mullen
Gary Mullen is Associate Professor and Division Chair of the Equestrian Studies Department at William Woods University, Fulton, MO. He has trained over 40 National Champion Andalusians, and is a licensed judge for Andalusians and Friesians. Gary is also a certified therapeutic riding instructor, and recently hosted the first Equestrian Special Olympics Invitational for the state of Missouri.
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