Subtitle A Visual Directory of 100 of the Most Popular Songbirds

Noble S. Proctor
Price $14.99
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Learn how and why birds sing, and discover the wide range of tones and melodies of over 100 of the most popular North American bird calls with this beautifully illustrated visual directory.

Beautiful illustrations show each bird's distinctive colors and plumage, and detailed information reveals their origin, behavior, feeding, and migration habits.

Simple notations in the book denote the rhythmic rise and fall of the songs to help you identify the calls heard in your backyard.

Find out when and where to best hear America's most beloved songbirds, and learn how to turn your backyard into an aviary haven with practical advice on planting, feeding routines, and optimal nesting boxes.

Topped off with a durable, flexi-bound format, A Field Guide to Songbirds of North America is a perfect reference for the field.

Format Flexi-Bind 256 Pages
ISBN 9780785839477
Size6.57 in x 8.82 in / 166.88 mm x 224.03 mm
Published Date June 29th, 2021
Noble S. Proctor
The late Dr. Noble S. Proctor was a Professor of Ornithology and, later, a Professor Emeritus at Southern Connecticut State University. With over 40 years of field experience throughout North America, he led bird tours around the world, from Central and Southern America to Australia and New Guinea. An avid photographer and prolific author, Dr. Proctor published several books on ornithology.
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