Subtitle The Essential Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Bob Holtzman
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Weekend trip or extended adventure, traveling by foot, bike, boat, or car, get the basics under your belt with The Camping Bible and enjoy a risk-free excursion, whatever the weather.

Packed with useful in-the-field advice, tips, clear how-to instructions and diagrams, this is the essential guide for any beginner or more advanced outdoor enthusiast.

The Camping Bible goes into great detail about the different types of camping gear available on the market, the different techniques you can use to maximize your camping experience, and the different hazards that you might face. Knowing how to handle dangerous and nuisance animals, for example, or having instructions of what to do if someone is injured, can making camping safer and more enjoyable.

Indispensable for novices and a great resource for the seasoned camper as well, The Camping Bible covers all aspects of camping for all types of terrain: mountains, plains, forest, desert, and seashore.

This practical companion imparts a wealth of knowledge to help you settle into the wild like it’s home:

  • Not sure where to start? Camping supplies and the best sites to look for are outlined.
  • Don’t want to eat trail mix for the entire outdoor excursion? Cooking by the fire has never been easier.
  • If you’re interested in how to camp with kids, there are tips on activities and what to expect when bringing youth into the wild.
  • Even if you’d prefer to sleep in your own bed, but want to know how to hit the trails, this guide is also an invaluable resource for hiking and learning how to navigate the untamed wilderness.
  • If you encounter a potentially dangerous situation, The Camping Bible provides step-by-step problem-solving advice to keep you cool in the face of conflict. 

The great outdoors is calling you, and you can answer it with confidence with the help of The Camping Bible.

Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9780785838500
Size5.75 in x 7.75 in / 146.05 mm x 196.85 mm
Published Date March 17th, 2020
Bob Holtzman

Bob Holtzman has been writing about outdoor subjects for more than 25 years. A former book editor at outdoor publisher Ragged Mountain Press and International Marine, he lives in Maine, where he enjoys canoeing, practicing wilderness skills, and building small boats. He works as marketing director at Penobscot Marine Museum and writes the blog Indigenous Boats (

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