Subtitle Learn to Create Mindful Mesmerizing Paintings with Water and Ink

Price $22.99 / £17.99
Description Description Embark on an artistic journey of self-expression and discovery with Inky Meditations, a step-by-step guide to the transformative art of ink painting.
Learn the unique ink-on-water technique that allows you to make beautiful paintings with just sumi ink, a paintbrush, watercolor paper, and water. From plants and flowers to birds and beasts, you’ll be successfully painting frame-worthy art in no time.
In 26 paintings, you’ll explore the art of brushstrokes as you watch the ink gracefully dance across the water’s surface. With every movement, intricate patterns emerge, each stroke capturing a moment of artistic expression. Inky Meditations encourages you to go beyond technique and delve into a state of mindfulness with grounding exercises and breathwork that allow you to focus on your surroundings, be in the moment, and reduce stress.
Witness the ink spread, blossom, and transform and embrace the notion that there’s no right or wrong in this art; there’s only the journey of playful practice and mindful exploration. The captivating forms that emerge are a testament to the beauty of embracing artistic intuition and going with the flow.
This technique is perfect for all levels, from beginner to advanced and requires no previous painting experience.

In this book you’ll find:
  • 26 step-by-step paintings, from leaves, flowers, and insects to birds, sea creatures, and more, including drawing templates.
  • A grounding exercise and note on breathwork while painting to start each project.
  • Detailed insights into brushstrokes, tips, and techniques, guiding you through the art of ink painting.
  • QR codes to videos explaining the painting techniques and walking you through a number of paintings.
  • Encouragement to embrace the practice of mindful intention and creative flow, creating organic and captivating compositions.
  • Ideas for how to package and gift your finished paintings.

Unleash your creativity with this elegant and surprisingly easy technique. Reduce stress and create enchanting, mindful paintings with Inky Meditations.
Inky (@inky_meditations) shares hugely popular meditative painting videos with sumi ink and water. Begun in 2021 by an Australian experimental artist with a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking, Inky's work explores the spontaneous, organic, and imaginative movement of ink over water and the importance of uninhibited creativity. Inky Meditations offers a new video each week and now boasts hundreds of ink painting videos. See more at
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