Subtitle Learn to Create Energetic and Expressive Architectural Drawings

Albert Kiefer
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Description Description Explore creativity while learning how to draw lively, unique sketches of your favorite houses, shops, landmarks, and other buildings.

Learning to sketch can be intimidating, especially when drawing subjects like architecture that seem to rely on perfect perspective, straight lines, and complex forms. In Housesketching, artist and instructor Albert Kiefer (Housesketcher) shares his signature techniques that will enable and empower you to abandon perfectionism and learn to sketch and express yourself creatively, like his tens of thousands of students have done. Whether you work in pen and ink and alcohol markers like Albert, or use your favorite medium, you will learn how to create amazingly expressive drawings.

From his whimsical linework to his playful use of perspective to his energetic colorwork, Albert’s approach can be applied to any type or style of building—or any subject at all! Housesketching shows how to go beyond representation to create sketches that are evocative, vibrant, and completely unique.
With this encouraging guide, you will learn how to:
  • Find inspiration and choose subjects to sketch—either en plein air or from photos
  • Compose your sketch with placement, contrast, techniques for guiding the eye, and balance
  • Use perspective—but only as much as you need to know!—to create a convincing sketch
  • Make a sketch your own through editing, exaggeration, point of view, and creating a back story
  • Use color and details to finish and embellish your sketches
  • Share your sketches online
Fifteen step-by-step projects take you through Albert’s process in detail, so you can sketch alongside him and learn what makes his drawings so dynamic. QR codes link to videos that provide further insight into essential techniques.

Whether you’re completely new to sketching, interested in learning to sketch architecture, or looking to draw more expressively and creatively, Housesketching will give you all the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need.
Albert Kiefer
Albert Kiefer is a freelance concept artist from the Netherlands. As a professional digital artist, Albert began to miss more traditional art forms and returned to his love for sketching, which led to his popular Instagram page, Housesketcher, and to teaching his techniques for expressive sketching in his wildly popular Domestika class, “Expressive Architectural Sketching with Colored Markers.” His work is featured in two books by French publisher ELYTIS: Au Japon!, a collection of sketches of Japanese buildings, and Harley Davidson Sketchbook.
Instagram: @housesketcher, @ridesketcher
YouTube: @housesketcher
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