Subtitle Whole Food Recipes, Techniques, and Tips for Families That Want to Eat A Little Less Toxic

Shawna Holman
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Reclaim your kitchen from processed foods and mystery chemicals, then cook through 75+ recipes that focus on eating well for whole-body health.

With all the emphasis put on healthy eating, you probably realize how consequential your food choices are to your mental and physical health, for better or worse. But did you know that a 2017 publication from the National Institute of Health estimates that there are now more than 10,000 chemicals the FDA regulates in food (and that there are only about 100 employees doing so)?

Yet you can control to improve what you’re cooking and eating—and A Healthier Home Cook provides an accessible guide for doing just that. In author Shawna Holman’s best-selling first book, A Healthier Home, she took her enthusiasm for healthy living to the page and provided an accessible, room-by-room roadmap for making the home A Little Less Toxic. Now, she’s back with a full book to support most people's entry point: the kitchen and cooking. 

A full basics chapter includes shopping guides for all kitchen essentials (detailing what materials to look for and avoid). Then she shares a collection of recipes, many of which help readers avoid store-bought products with questionable ingredients: 

  • Nourishing Breakfasts: Cast-Iron Dutch Baby Pancake with Warm Berry Compote, French Toast Casserole, Grain Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, DIY Acai Bowl with Rich Maple Granola, Next Day Oatmeal Muffins, Perfect Pressure Cooked Eggs with Hashbrowns and Oven Bacon, Family-Style Breakfast Tacos, Crispy Potato and Egg Bake 
  • Substantial Salads and Bowls: Rainbow Salad, White Bean and Bacon Salad, Deli-Style Macaroni Salad, Sonoma-Style Chicken Salad Bowl, Taco Salad with Catalina Dressing, Mediterranean-Style Pasta Salad, Roasted Asparagus and Pecan Salad, Fresh Thai-Style Salad, Chopped Antipasto with Crispy Prosciutto, Sushi Roll in a Bowl, Hearty Sprouted Grains Bow 
  • Warming Soups and Stews: Hearty, Creamy Tomato Soup, Sprouted Lentil Soup with Spinach, Damien's Mineral-Rich Chicken Noodle Soup, Gigi's Blue Ribbon Chili, One-Pot Beef Stew with Chiles and Carrots, White Bean Chicken Chili, Albondigas Soup, Red Lentil Dahl with Warming Spices 
  • Lighter Plates: Falafel Night with Quinoa Tabouli and Tzatziki, Top Notch Ramen, Spaghetti Squash Bake with Roasted Tomato Marinara, Grain Free Crispy Fish with Oven Fries and Coleslaw, Seared Scallops with Pesto Pasta, Pineapple Chicken Curry, Thai Lettuce Cups with Peanut Sauce 
  • Heartier Dishes: Chicken Pot Pie, Turkey Burger Bowls with Sweet Potato Cubies and Pickled Red Onion, The Wholesome Whole Chicken, Bone Broth (and veggie scrap broth), Enchiladas Verdes with Refried Beans and Taqueria-Style Roasted Carrots, Chimichurri Beef Pasta, Mississippi Pot Roast, Pasta Pot, House Bolognese, Cottage Pie, Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Crispy Smashed Potatoes and Grilled Artichoke 
  • Sweets and Sips: Grain Free Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies, Candy Bar Dates, Dairy Free Caramel Corn, Frost It, Top It, Dip It (Coconut Whipped Cream, Pressure-Cooked Caramel, and Dye-Free Berry Buttercream), Chocolate Pudding with Raw Honey Whipped Cream, Maple Cinnamon Marshmallows, My Mega Matcha, Gelatin Gummies, Quick Chia Jam, Honey Lemonade, Healthier Hot Chocolate

Whether you’re looking to replace packaged convenience foods or find new, wholesome meal ideas, A Healthier Home Cook will aid you on a journey that benefits both your mind and body. It’s simple to make change happen when you take it one plate at a time!

Format Paper Over Board 208 Pages
ISBN 9780760388655
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Published Date October 22nd, 2024
Shawna Holman
Shawna Holman, founder of A Little Less Toxic and author of the best-selling book A Healthier Home, is a mother, a wife, and a dedicated teacher. After battling life-altering health issues, Shawna was determined to find long-lasting and healthy solutions rather than harmful quick-fixes. In 2013, she began her journey toward making radical health improvements through small life changes, taking her followers along for the ride. By seeking out, implementing, and sharing her life transformation, Shawna motivates her audience to support their health and healing through sustainable, realistic, and mindful lifestyle changes. Since healing her health issues and finding solace in creating a healthy home environment, Shawna is intent on sharing her story and helping those looking to live life A Little Less Toxic. Find her online at alittlelesstoxic.com.
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