Journey to America

Subtitle Celebrating Inspiring Immigrants Who Became Brilliant Scientists, Game-Changing Activists & Amazing Entertainers

Maliha Abidi
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Description Description A timely, beautiful exploration of America’s rich history of diversity, Journey to America profiles 20 immigrants and children of immigrants who have affected the nation’s culture or business.

From showstopping entertainers to game-changing activists to brilliant scientists, these first- and second-generation Americans show the determination and innovation that has shaped the country we know today:
  • Science: Kalpana Chawla (astronaut), I. M. Pei (architect), Chien-Shiung Wu (particle physicist), and Albert Einstein (theoretical physicist)
  • Entertainment: Tan France (fashion designer), Camila Cabello (singer-songwriter), M. Night Shyamalan (filmmaker), Natalie Portman (actress), Rihanna (singer), and Dikembe Mutombo (basketball player)
  • Politics: Ilhan Omar (congresswoman), Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of California), and Alexander Hamilton (founding father)
  • Business: Indra Nooyi (former PepsiCo CEO), Sergey Brin (Google co-founder)
  • Children of immigrants: America Ferrara (actress), Walt Disney (founder of The Walt Disney Company), Michelle Kwan (figure skater), Kamala Harris (U.S. vice president), and Barack Obama (former U.S. president)
Journey to America gives you all the stats, facts, and behind-the-scenes information on who they are as well as what they’ve done.

Author-illustrator Maliha Abidi’s striking illustrated portraits bring the personalities to life in vivid color. Sidebars explain historical and political facts about the immigration process, highlighting the differences between a permanent resident and a citizen, a first- and second-generation American, and more.

As children develop their own dreams for the future, the diverse stories and accomplishments of these American immigrants serve as inspiration.
Format Hardcover Book 96 Pages
ISBN 9780760371220
Size6.50 in x 9.00 in / 165.10 mm x 228.60 mm
Published Date July 5th, 2022
Maliha Abidi
Maliha Abidi is a Pakistani immigrant, author-illustrator, and med student who has worked with organizations such as the United Nations, Adobe, Rebel Girls, and Peace Corporation. She has been featured in BBC, Good Morning America, and Malala Fund. Her debut, Pakistan for Women, celebrated fifty extraordinary Pakistani women.
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