Subtitle Test your knowledge of the 50 states!

Gabrielle Balkan
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  • The ultimate all-American trivia game: Screen-free family fun with easy-to-learn gameplay for 2–8 players. 
  • Put your knowledge to the test: Explore the key stats that make up every state of the USA, from Alabama to Wyoming, and learn more as you play. 
  • Sturdy gift box contains: 50 state cards, 8 player guide cards, and 2 rules cards. 
  • Edutainment for ages 6+: Will speedy reactions beat expert knowledge? Be first to collect 5 cards to win! 
Explore every state of the USA from Alabama to Wyoming in this fast and fun trivia game that celebrates the geography of America. 

With this exciting extension of the best-selling 50 States book series, you’ll go deeper into the key stats behind all 50 states. From palm trees and oranges in the Sunshine State, through the Heart of Dixie, past the Great Lakes, and all the way to Alaska’s last frontier, it’s time to explore! So pack your bags and say later ’gator… the great States await! 
Is Vermont bigger than Hawaii? Which is the oldest state? Are the mountains taller in Alaska or California? Speedy guessing is rewarded in this fast-moving family game, so fire right in and learn as you play! 

Players race to slap their hands on the card they think best fits the chosen category, such as ‘largest population’, for example. When all players have slapped, reveal the cards to discover the correct answer. The winning player keeps their card and chooses the next category. First to grab five correct cards wins! 
Discover even more of the USA with: The 50 States Bingo, The 50 States, The 50 States Activity Book, The 50 States Fun Facts and 50 Adventures in the 50 States. 
Series Americana
Format Cards 1 Page
ISBN 9780711290334
Size5.67 in x 3.94 in / 144.00 mm x 100.00 mm
Published Date February 8th, 2024
Gabrielle Balkan

Gabrielle Balkan comes from a family of book-loving teachers and is passionate about literacy, education, and good stories—just as her people taught her to be. She's made good on her degree in education by working in children's publishing and related education fields for some 15 years. Gabrielle grew up across from the Indiana State Fair and now lives in Brooklyn.

Sol Linero
Sol Linero is a children’s book illustrator and graphic designer from Buenos Aires. Her distinctive artwork is filled with rich detail, bright colors, and a love for local culture. She has worked for Airbnb, Pottery Barn Kids, Unicef, and international magazines such as Oprah, Jamie Oliver, Wired, and Scholastic. With Wide Eyed Editions, Sol has also illustrated the best-selling 50 States series.
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