Subtitle Use Your Logic and Intuition to Identify the Traitors

Roland Hall
Price $12.99 / £9.99
Description Description Can you tell who is a traitor, and who is an innocent bystander?
Put your instinct and deductive reasoning to the test with this collection of 12 riveting conundrums waiting to be unravelled.
Each scenario will immerse you in a world of shady characters, diverse motives and intriguing settings that will demand your very best investigative skills to catch the imposter – or imposters – in the group.
Uncover the mole who tipped off the police, identify the source of a scandalous leaked photo to the press, or discover the family member who stole from a bereaved family, The Imposter Puzzle Book is perfect for cunning amateur detectives eager to test their powers of deduction.
Series The Escapist's Library Series
Format Trade Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN 9780711289871
Size7.80 in x 5.08 in / 198.00 mm x 129.00 mm
Published Date May 9th, 2024
Roland Hall
Roland Hall has worked as a Commissioning Editor of puzzle books for a number of years. He was responsible for book publishing with many best-selling puzzle brands, including Mensa, The Puzzler and Take A Break, and devised a number of highly popular themed puzzle books and packs on subjects as diverse as Sherlock Holmes, Star Trek, Pride and Prejudice and Dante's Inferno. He has written and contributed to many quiz and puzzle books, including Anagram Challenge, and Wordle Challenge for Kids.
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