Subtitle 500 questions to test your F1 knowledge

Ewan McKenzie, Peter Nygaard
Price $19.99 / £14.99
Description Description Formula One is more popular and more exciting than ever, and you can learn about its fascinating history and heritage in this brilliant and unique quiz book!

The greatest motorsport on the planet is now as competitive as it has been in years, as Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and a host of other drivers battle it out in breathaking races around the world.

With teams limited to a cost cap and rules designed to harmonise engine power, the racing is closer than ever and more rivalries emerging: the Hamilton vs Verstappen rivalry reminded fans of some of the great disputes of the past – Prost vs Senna, Hunt vs Lauda, Schumacher vs Hill. 

Chapters cover the iconic circuits, Grand Prix from around world, the champion drivers, F1 in the media, and seven decades of Formula One  – this quizbook is a fun and unique way to learn about the history, heritage and drama of Formula One.
Over 500 quiz questions (many multiple choice) make this a perfect gift for F1 fans who are new to the sport to expert enthusiasts with encyclopaedic knowledge.
Ewan McKenzie

Ewan McKenzie is a writer and former F1 journalist and editor. He has worked as an F1 website producer and contributed to a variety of motoring magazines including a spell as deputy editor of F1 Racing magazine. 

Peter Nygaard
Peter Nygaard is an internationally renowned author, photographer and F1 expert. For more than 35 years, he has travelled the world, the tracks and the paddocks, in search of iconic images to reflect the beauty of this exceptional sport.
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