Subtitle a story of homelessness, perseverance and hope

Jen Benson
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This book tells the uplifting true story of a family who left their old life behind to spend a year living wild in a tent around Britain.

With a baby and a toddler, mounting debt, work demands and stress trampling over their desire to spend time together as a family in nature, Jen and Sim Benson move out of their rented accommodation, sell up their possessions and decide to live in a tent for a year as nomads around rural Britain.

This is the story of that year – the highs and the lows – the doubts, epiphanies and the weather.

Detailing one family's search for a life in the wild, away from the screens and stresses of modern life, this captivating memoir is a must read for nature lovers or anyone who has dreamed of a life outdoors.

It’s nature writ large with the joys and challenges of each season experienced under canvas, a story of ultimate freedom in the beautiful landscapes of Britain. This is a book that gently steals up on you and captures your heart.
Format Hardcover + Jacket 272 Pages
ISBN 9780711267305
Size5.31 in x 8.50 in / 135.00 mm x 216.00 mm
Published Date June 7th, 2022
Jen Benson
Jen Benson has a passion for wild places and sustainable adventures. A marathon, ultramarathon and Ironman triathlon runner, she has an MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine, specialising in distance running. Jen and her husband Sim live in Bradford-upon-Avon with their two young children. They have co-written several books including Wild RunningShort Walks in Beautiful Places, Amazing Family Adventures and 100 Great Walks with Kids. Jen writes regularly for the national press. Twitter/Instagram @jenandsim
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