Subtitle Master Your Humans and Live Your Best Puppin’ Life

Brussels Sprout
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Description Description The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good is an entertaining account of a dog trying to understand his human and live his best life.

Written from the point of view of Sprout, an “Insta-famous” dog who pushes a tiny shopping cart amongst other tricks, it uses humorous real-life anecdotes to provide a light-hearted take on how to raise a well-behaved dog, brought to life with adorable and entertaining photos of Sprout in all walks of life.

Sprout’s ‘wisdom’ covers understanding and successfully living alongside humans, progresses to navigating the outside world and learning manners, and culminates with a few simple yet unique tricks.

Each tip is accompanied by a human translation to break down the actual principle Sprout is describing so that dog owners can apply the wisdom to their own pets.

A funny and fresh take on how to look after your dog, The Good Boy’s Guide to Being Good is the perfect gift for any dog lover or owner, new or old, who wants a little insight into how to care for their canine companions.
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Format Hardcover Book 128 Pages
ISBN 9780711265943
Size6.89 in x 6.89 in / 175.00 mm x 175.00 mm
Published Date April 12th, 2022
Brussels Sprout
Sprout, the star of the critically-acclaimed Instagram account @Brussels.Sprout, is a perpetually-pouty, smooth-coated Brussels Griffon with a repertoire of over 30 tricks and cued behaviors. He enjoys long walkies on the beach, napping in the sun, and tennis balls. He has no idea what Instagram is.  

Sprout owns human Sigrid. A lawyer by day, @Brussels.Sprout is the creative outlet she never knew she needed, combining her life-long love of animals, learning and wit to inspire people and pups to bond through training. Sprout and Sigrid live in Manhattan, where you can find them playing fetchies in the park.
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