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Tree Carr
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The average person spends six years of their life dreaming. Wake up to your dreams, discover their meaning, and learn how you can harness their power to help you live your best waking life!

Set a goal or intention at the beginning of your 30-day journey, and see it achieved as you create a body of dream work, and become skilled in the art of using your dreams to achieve your life goals. Scribble, reflect and draw in this colourful workbook as you learn, through 120+ fun and simple activities, how to:

* Dream journal
* I
mprove your sleep hygiene
* Decode and interpret your dreams
* Return to that really good dream that you woke up from too soon

and much more!

Guided by your own personal dream guide, Tree Carr, allow your dreams to wow you with their power and potential. Join a community of like-minded dreamers and share tips, tricks and stories using the hashtag #consciousdreamer, connect with dreamers from around the world, and discover the amazing benefits of being more in touch with yourself and your dreams.

Whether you’re an artist looking to invite more creativity into your life, a busy parent looking to find calm and clarity from a good nightly routine, a student planning for the future, or just a person looking to get to know yourself better, this book will show you how to make the most of your dreams, and use them to dream and achieve big!

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Format Paperback + Flaps 176 Pages
ISBN 9780711261211
Size5.51 in x 8.27 in / 140.00 mm x 210.00 mm
Published Date June 15th, 2021
Tree Carr
Tree Carr is conscious dreaming guide from Kent, UK. She grew up in the United States and Canada, and hosts dream workshops, courses, and retreats around the world. Her practise explores dream interpretation, healing, and dreaming plant ceremonies, and help students to activate, explore, and further understand their dream realms through daily dreaming practice.
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