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Quarto creates and owns proprietary content, publishing books from a diverse portfolio of imprints that are creatively independent and expert in developing long-lasting content across specific niches of interest. We invest in intellectual property in a way that no other publisher does.

Subjects range from Art 'How-To', Graphic Design, and Home Improvement, to Cooking, Gardening, Motoring, and Crafts. In fact, we cover any subject that can be better explained with photographs or illustrations.

We make and sell great books as economically as possible, and we sell them as far and wide as possible. We sell books from our 10,000+ catalogue across 50 countries and in 40 languages through a variety of traditional and non-traditional channels to readers as passionate about our subjects as we are. We constantly look for new ways to create content that people need and deliver it to them whenever, wherever and however they choose.

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40 imprints make up the creative ecosystem of The Quarto Group. Each has its own identity and lifecycle, and caters for different audiences and markets.

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The Quarto Group is a truly global business with an international focus.

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We constantly look for new ways to sell our content and our books more widely.

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