Harriet Stone

Assistant Editor

London Brewery, UK

Women at work

Harriet Stone has been with The Quarto Group for over two years, progressing from an entry-level role to Assistant Editor, supporting Children’s imprints QED and words & pictures.

Why did you want to get into publishing?

I started off in another Quarto imprint, Quintessence, which is famous for creating the very successful 1001 Series. There was then another internship going at Quarto Press, which produces a fantastic selection of how-to books on crafts. I was then really lucky to find that there was an Editorial job at QED, I hadn’t thought about Children’s publishing before but I was curious to see what it’s all about! I went to the interview and saw how much it had going on. QED creates a mix of educational and picture books for children, so it wasn’t just one type of book. I got the job and have loved it since!

What would be your ideal publishing job?

Commissioning Editor would be interesting. Finding interesting ideas and titles from a variety of places and making them work for our customers. To get there, I’ve got to get to the next stage of Editor. By taking on some more ownerships of projects and books, I am sure I’ll get there! If I could make any book and I was given a budget tomorrow, I would make a Children’s cricket book – I think it would totally work!

What’s your favorite Quarto book?

A title I am working on currently - JOY - which is for words & pictures. It’s about a granddaughter who goes in search of joy to bring back to her grandmother. It’s so sweet and the message is so lovely. It will publish next year so keep an eye out for it!


What do you currently do?

I am currently an Assistant Editor covering three imprints of QED, words & pictures and Quarto Children’s Books. I usually do day-to-day things like updating editorial details in the front of books. I oversee the process from start to finish of the book. One of my favourite things is getting the final product of a children’s book kit – like build your own dinosaur and checking that all the pieces are there. I get to build the models. My desk is full of animals and dinosaurs and cars!

What’s been your best publishing experience so far?

Seeing my name in the book never gets old. One of the first books with my name in was a title from QED called Optical Illusions. I was pretty chuffed when I saw the first hard copy advances and I think it’s a really good title compared to others on the market. I really loved this project because it was the first book I had complete ownership of, so it was pretty special! That’s what Quarto is great for, everyone can have chance at contributing to the books we publish.

What’s it like working for The Quarto Group?

The Quarto Group is a quirky place with loads of great people! Everyone is involved in the concept stage of a book, so it’s a really collaborative effort across the team. We are truly collaborative. I also like The Quarto Group because they contribute to our softball team!


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