Motorbooks Launches Two New Series

06 Sep 2017

Motorbooks is pleased to announce the launch of two new series both debuting this fall: Speed Read, and The Life, each of which offer a new direction for the world's leading transportation publisher. For over fifty years, Motorbooks has published award-winning books by the worlds most talented transportation authors and photographers, and it is now focused firmly on the future.


"We're seeking innovative ways to publish books that capture the imagination of today's automotive fans," says Zack Miller, longtime Publisher of Motorbooks. "With these series, Motorbooks will expand beyond our more traditional audience of lifelong enthusiasts to also include readers who are newer to the hobby. These new book lines celebrate automotive and motorcycle enthusiasm in broad and exciting ways."


The two series: Speed Read and The Life, will be available this fall with two books each and focus on different aspects of the automotive and motorcycle cultures. The Speed Read series is a design-forward, information rich exploration of different transportation topics that will equip readers with key knowledge about each subject in a quick, accessible and visually engaging package. The first two titles, appearing in October, are Speed Read: Formula 1, by journalist and broadcaster Stuart Codling who has worked in motorsport and automotive writing for more than a decade, and Speed Read: Car Design by Tony Lewin, a writer and editor for many of the industry's leading business publications. Motorbooks will publish two more books in the series in the Spring of 2018: Speed Read: Ferrari and Speed Read: Ford Mustang. These titles will retail for $19.99, an attractive price point for those either new to the automotive hobby or enthusiasts wishing to deepen their knowledge of a given subject.

 "We're seeking innovative ways to publish books that capture the imagination of today's automotive fans," Zack Miller, Publisher of Motorbooks

Motorbooks' The Life series is a celebration of the automotive and motorcycle culture as viewed through the lens of some of the world's most iconic brands. The first two books in this series, The Life Harley-Davidson by prolific author Darwin Holmstrom (November 2017) and The Life McQueen, by Dwight Jon Zimmerman (December 2017) offer a visually-rich, culturally-focused exploration of the world's most iconic motorcycle and the category's most visible and fashion-forward Hollywood star. In Spring 2018, Motorbooks will publish The Life Vespa, an examination of the legendary scooter whose influence and fashion reaches around the world.


"The transportation world and the automotive hobby have evolved significantly over the past 50 years of Motorbooks' existence," says Miller. "These new series, in tandem with our expanding roster of top-notch writers, photographers, and artists, positions Motorbooks to serve all of today's and tomorrow's enthusiasts with exciting, forward-looking books."



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