Distribution services

Quarto Distribution Services (QDS) offers independent publishers the possibility to benefit from Quarto’s platform, with the highest level of sales and distribution services and reach their core consumers.

QDS offers global scale combined with an expert targeted reach of special sales accounts – i.e. businesses other than bookstores where you people can buy books, for instance the Smithsonian, Urban Outfitter or Lowes. The QDS sales organization is designed to reach these specialty accounts as well as traditional booksellers, wholesalers, and online retailers.

Quarto constantly looks to identify new distribution partners from around the world, in particular North America and the UK, but also in international markets.

QDS works with over 35 publishers in the US and the UK, including the Natural History Museum, Murdoch Books, Haynes, and Exisle Publishing among many others.

QDS client logos

If you’re interested in knowing more about QDS, please contact us.

  • John Groton
  • Director of Distribution Services
  • Tel: +1 978-282-3562
  • john.groton@quarto.com