Our business model

We are a leading global illustrated non-fiction book publisher. Our mission is to make and sell great books that entertain, educate and enrich the lives of adults and children around the world. We make high-quality books as economically as possible, and we sell these books as far and wide and for as long as we possibly can.

Our model is simple but solid: the right People, high-quality and long-lasting Product, efficient Processes, a balanced Portfolio of imprints and a scalable Platform.

Our business model
  • People – Our people and talent make Quarto. Each one of our 45 imprints is creatively independent, publishing what they believe is right for their customer base and the market. That is the underpinning ethos of Quarto.
  • Product – Each of our imprints have different visions for the products they produce. We are proud of the wide variety of books we publish and our unique, high-quality content.
  • Portfolio – All our imprints make up a diversified portfolio that strengthens with each addition, whether organic start-up or acquisition.
  • Process – Our books are created by many different people but underpinned by one financial model.
  • Platform – All our imprints are sitting on the Quarto platform of operations, people, sales and marketing that we have built and adhering to the financial model through which we manage our portfolio.

Acquisitive growth is a key strategic area for the Group. As the market leader with a global and scalable platform in what remains a fragmented industry, the potential opportunity is significant.

Marcus E. Leaver, CEO of The Quarto Group

Our strategy

  • Organic growth - We are constantly looking to grow our publishing revenues organically, both by expanding and developing our business with existing customers and by gaining new business with additional customers.
  • Acquisition growth - We also search for businesses that satisfy key criteria, including earnings accretive lists, imprints or businesses that can enhance the marketing and sales efforts of existing imprints while at the same time providing opportunities to extract further value as part of the Quarto Group.
  • Operating model efficiencies - Each of our imprints and businesses is creatively independent while receiving support, scale and reach through the Group’s global operations, sales and marketing platform. We leverage our scale to buy print and freight effectively, as well as being relentless in identifying other supply chain efficiencies.
  • Intellectual Property Investment - Quarto is committed to invest in long-lasting IP. In pursuing the very best ideas, writing, photography, artwork and design, we aim to safeguard the future revenue streams of the business.
  • Distribution development - We develop direct physical distribution relationships and partnerships, and are committed to selling our books wherever consumers might come across them – and in multiple markets, languages and formats.

Our goal is to become the dominant publisher of illustrated books worldwide.

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