Francesco Patti
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Description Description The Lamborghini Countach: a remarkable supercar, a car of extreme and timeless appeal is the protagonist of this new monograph.

The book opens with the long period of gestation in which Marcello Gandini – then head of design at Carrozzeria Bertone – defined the futuristic lines of a car that, to many at first sight seemed to have come from another planet thanks to the taut, sharply creased lines of its bodywork and its muscular mechanical specification, with the V12 engine located behind the driver’s shoulders. When it progressed from a concept to a production model (LP 400), the Countach successfully maintained its charisma, becoming one of the most enduring supercars of all.

The thorough text draws on the direct testimony of many of the figures who contributed to the creation of the Countach: from Marcello Gandini to Giampaolo Dallara and through to the invaluable insights provided by the daughter of Paolo Stanzani.

The book covers all the principal versions of the Countach: from the first LP 500 to the LP 400, from the 48-valve to the monstrous 5000 QW through to the 25 Anniversario that in 1990 represented the final chapter in the history of this unforgettable car.
Series Supercars
Format Hardcover Book 168 Pages
ISBN 9788879118613
Size10.60 in x 9.50 in / 269.24 mm x 241.30 mm
Published Date December 20th, 2022
Francesco Patti
Francesco Patti was born in Palermo in 1971. An enthusiast of all things motorized from an early age, he has contributed to various specialist periodical, writing various articles dealing with classic cars. He is also a committed photographer with a particular interest in automotive events, his photographic reports being published on the site In 2014, two of his photos were published in the Ferrari Annual. In 2017, he wrote and interpreted a story dedicated to Dino Ferrari and the cars have carried his name. In 2019 he published the book Lancia Delta with Giorgio Nada Editore and in 2024 he released Lamborghini Diablo. He lives near Pordenone. 
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